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WI-FI, Human Rights and Corporate Interests

Is the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal  stacked in favor of corporate interests ? -Walt McGinnis A longtime corporate lawyer who has already turned down one appeal to the Human Rights Tribunal regarding radio frequency radiation (rfr) exposure from Smart meters … Continue reading

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Canada’s Collaboration with ISIS

–  Walt McGinnis According to reports in  the  Ottawa Citizen a human smuggling operation controlled by Canada’s  Jordanian Embassy escalated  soon after Bruno  Saccomani became the Ambassador. These claims have been bolstered by revelations from the Turkish government in which … Continue reading

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Canada’s Ambassador To Jordan Linked To ISIS Girls

– Walt McGinnis The Turkish government claims that the Canadian Embassy in Jordan  aided  the trafficking of British born children and at least 17 others into the hands of ISIS, in the middle of a war zone, in Syria. The … Continue reading

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Does Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) emitted from your cellphone  scramble your brain? If  your answer is that is not possible, why then are drivers having up to ten times more accidents after they end their calls?  Evidence, decades old, appears … Continue reading

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