Canada’s Ambassador To Jordan Linked To ISIS Girls

– Walt McGinnis

The Turkish government claims that the Canadian Embassy in Jordan  aided  the trafficking of British born children and at least 17 others into the hands of ISIS, in the middle of a war zone, in Syria.

The Ottawa Citizen has reported that the man who was recently caught by Turkish police trafficking British born girls between Turkey and Syria and into the hands of ISIS was CSIS agent Mohammad Al Rashid.

Reports claim Al Rashid reported to Bruno Saccomani, Prime Minister Stephen  Harpers personal security guard who he appointed as the Ambassador to Jordan in 2013.

The chain of command is quite clear. CSIS agent Al Rashid reported to Ambassador Saccomani who reported to Stephen Harper. Harper appointed Saccomani who in turn recruited Al Rashid.

These revelations from the Turkish Government indicate Canada’s Jordanian Embassy collaborated with ISIS, an organization labeled as terrorists by the  Canadian government. This leaves Canadians baffled about exactly what Harper and his Conservative government are trying to achieve. Is it a war on terrorists or a war using terrorists?

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