Canada’s Collaboration with ISIS

–  Walt McGinnis

According to reports in  the  Ottawa Citizen a human smuggling operation controlled by Canada’s  Jordanian Embassy escalated  soon after Bruno  Saccomani became the Ambassador. These claims have been bolstered by revelations from the Turkish government in which they claim that a man involved in trafficking  men women and young girls  from Turkey into the hands of ISIS in northern Syria confessed to have been a CSIS agent.  Most importantly this  underground railway appears to have been used to create and fund ISIS an organization labeled as being terrorist by Canada.

In 2013 ,  Stephen Harper, the  Prime Minister of Canada, appointed his body guard Bruno Saccomani to  be the Ambassador to Jordan. Saccomani, who was also put in charge of Canada’s diplomatic relations with Iraq, was and by  most  accounts still is  a member of Canada’s Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS).

It is not unusual for an embassy to be used for espionage. However there has always been a  thin veneer of propriety used to hide these activities to maintain formal diplomatic channels between the host country and the foreign country’s embassy.  These niceties appear to have been cast aside in this case.

One has to wonder why Jordan accepted this arrangement and why Canada chose to openly flaunt their duties to maintain an Embassy dedicated to diplomacy and not espionage but what followed appears to have been a brazen operation that not only broke the rules of diplomacy but also broke many laws in Canada and internationally.

Canada’s uses  heated rhetoric regarding fighting international terrorism and especially ISIS. This has played out with  Harper  trying  to expand Canada’s  military  role in Syria to attack ISIS and with his introduction of legislation that will severely restrict civil liberties in Canada, all in the name of fighting terrorism. Concomitantly  it appears Harper has played a pivotal role in establishing a human trafficking operation to aid ISIS. The contradictions are enormous.

If actions speak louder than words it appears Harpers loyalties  are  with the terrorists he so loudly condemns and not with the citizens of Canada who he has been elected to represent.

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